• The Angel Strikes

    Volume 1 of The Brandt Family Chronicles

    ‘The Angel Strikes’

    It’s 1802, you’re south of Berlin. Winter is coming and so is Bonaparte: pillaging army in his wake. Join a band of refugees as they fight their way out of privation by seizing every opportunity.

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Imagine being transported into an historical adventure that will change your view of the past forever

The Brandt Family Chronicles is a series of sweeping, epic novels that span two centuries from the Napoleonic Wars to the Cold War and beyond, these riveting historical fiction novels portray the saga of  Paul Brandt’s family through the generations. But more than simply giving us a glimpse into rich family dynamics over time, these books challenge our very understanding of why history happened as it did. These novels show the grandeur of the times as well as the ugliness that many would keep hidden. You are about to enter forbidden territory that delves into stories that have never yet been told.

The Angel Strikes is the first in this compelling series on Kindle (Volume 1 is also available in paperback) starts with Paul’s life and his courageous actions as a boy at the Battle of Jena (1806). This is where the legend of Paul Brandt as “the Angel of Jena” is born. As the years progress through these stunning historical dramas, we witness triumph, betrayal, jealousy, and rage – often coming from within his own family. We marvel at the courageous actions of his descendants through more than two centuries, bringing us into the modern age. In The Angel Faces Destruction, you will be conscripted into Bonaparte’s army for the invasion of Russia. Here you will see the essence of leadership in adversity and learn the importance of seeing events as opportunities.  

You are privileged to be reading alternative history fiction that borders on the truth, not a watered-down version of the past that replaces fact with fiction. To see the light, your perspective must change. You will experience history as it was – not how it was taught or sold to the gullible. ‘History untold’ will become one of your favourite phrases. At the same time, you will revel in the laughing, loving, feuding, fighting, larger-than-life characters spilling wine on their shirts and pouring fuel on the fire. Prepare to be mightily entertained. In The Angel Takes Revenge, (Volume 3) expect a mirror image of what you see and read about an Atlantic crossing in winter 1811. Be on board as your ship limps up the Elizabeth river and visit Washington after the English left it.

In The Angel Fights To Waterloo, (Volume 4) you will battle across the Elbe, through the Battle of Nations to Leipzig and you will understand the Trachtenberg Plan and how it worked. Later you will see how that plan, adopted by Wellington, together with some novel tactics and weapons defeated Bonaparte who had thought, on seeing the battlefield, that he could not loose. But that is the Trachtenberg Plan.

Volume 5, The Angel Schemes in Spain, is your opportunity to meet Paul’s grandson, Dr Otto Brandt. He becomes involved with the Spanish revolution to overthrow the incompetent and corrupt Queen Isabella. But she is under French protection and they are looking for war – again. Otto spies for General Prim as he tries to recruit Prussian aid, but complication piles upon complication. Otto becomes entangled with the beautiful American spy Eleanor. He is also recruited by the American mission in Paris as it undertakes the gigantic humanitarian task of saving twenty thousand German speakers trapped in the besieged city.  The Angel Spies in Paris (Volume 6) sees Otto involved with the Communards who slaughter mindlessly in the name of their cause, but who are about to be exterminated by the army of Versailles. Can Otto save his sister? Where is Eleanor and will the Tsar Alexander’s quest finally resolve?

Volume 7, The Angel Flies to Stalingrad (due 2017) introduces Valentine Brandt, a colourblind Luftwaffe ferry pilot bringing one of the last supply flights into Gumrak, the airport serving the besieged forces in Stalingrad. But, the last plane out had already left. In 1947 Valentine’s Soviet captors send him back to the ruins of Berlin, but he must spy for them amongst the allies.  The rules are the same: abject terror gets results. But rules change.

Now, enter The Brandt Family Chronicles with The Angel Strikes and find yourself in the woods south of Berlin in 1805. It’s the dead of winter, and people are hungry, cold and miserable. Yet if anyone is in this position, it’s their own fault. They know it and they’ll escape to better times.

Join them now and immerse yourself in a world of rich historical drama. You too will thrive.

The Angel Strikes

In 1805 Europe is at Bonaparte’s feet. You are south of Berlin in occupied territory and learning to survive in winter.

At the battle of Jena-Auerstedt Prussia is crushed. Paul Brandt tells you his story: how he became the Angel, entangled in English duplicity and the Russian succession.

Paul, a sworn enemy of Bonaparte, must ride to Moscow in Napoleon’s army in 1812. Can his force return?

The Angel Strikes is a straightforward historical novel.

It won’t seduce the reader into caring for the hero. He can take care of himself, so enjoy his company.

He’ll tell you his story honestly as the plot grips you and draws you into a maelstrom of action and adventure.

It is 1805: the Napoleonic War of oppression in Europe is beginning. Here is the duplicity of English High Policy that entangles an unwitting Russian refugee in occupied Prussia and eventually draws him back to Moscow – where doom awaits half a million French soldiers.

Here is history and here are questions. Here are famous faces and places.

As the Angel flies over history, fanning the plot onwards, you will meet many of the great characters of the time:

  • Viscount Castlereagh
  • Carl von Clausewitz
  • Gebhard von Blücher
  • August von Gneisenau
  • David von Scharnhorst
  • Hermann von Boyen
  • Ludwig Graf Yorck
  • Tsar Alexander I

Available in paperback or kindle format

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