“The Angel Goes Dark”

THE Declassified COLD WAR

The Angel Goes Dark

Volume 8 of the Brandt Family Chronicles

By Oliver Fairfax

Post-World War II Europe is where survivors struggle. Valentine Brandt lives on his wits as the MGB closes in using base threats against his wife.

They taunt and threaten, but is this a false-flag approach? There is looted treasure to recover and the winner will take all. There are no rules and many contenders. Valentine weaves a careful thread between the KGB as it has become and the CIA as it has become.

But where is his wife? And his daughter!And the gold?To make the hunt more desperate than it already is a shadow called Mossad appears and changes the rules. Valentine will trade everything for Kamilla.

But is everything enough? When you have lost everything, then everything found is only a place to start. This is a desperate trail of deception, of honour and unspeakable violence set against the background of the crumbling USSR.

It will fail just like all unaccountable governments fail and the EU is next. But it is necessary to survive today before planning for tomorrow, but tomorrow is already occupied territory and the same enemy holds the ground and the same battle looms again.


The series, at the time of writing, comprises eight books ranging from the Napoleonic Wars (Vols 1-4), through The Franco-Prussian War (Vols 5,6), to the Cold War (Vol 7) and the present day (Vol 9). (Volume 8 is to come soon.) They start at a time when Germany was conceived and develop through its birth to modern times. (1950). The thread is the Brandt Family and their adventures. The environment is German history.

History is written by the winner and, from ace to knave, it’s a pack of lies. These books are not German history. They are a unique view of German history and the stories are told from this deserted and neglected standpoint.

This, so-far, unilluminated emphasis discloses both a disguised truth and a hidden one. Germany is not the warmonger it has been painted and as the series develops, readers’ curiosity may be piqued into checking to see if they agree with the author’s conclusions.


Oliver Fairfax is a nomad. A Scot by birth, he has wandered from England to Hong Kong and back – twice. He has lived in France and now in New Zealand. He worries that a generation is rising who cannot tell the difference between a citizen and a subject.

He is concerned about the pervasive growth of regulation that cannot be afforded, cannot be complied with, but that seeks to remove free choice. He worries also about political correctness and the suppression of dissonance being two policies that misinform ordinary people’s decision-making processes.

But those irritants aside, life’s great! – and remember, you should never have joined if you can’t take a joke.

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